18 April 2011

The Devil's Daughter by Suzie Grant

If you have read my review policy, you will know that I do not review e-books. The idea of reading without holding the book in my hands and the action of turning pages just doesn't hold any interest for me. Before I wrote this policy, however, I agreed to read and review 'The Devil's Daughter'. You guessed it - it's an ebook.

Testament to the story and writing style of author, Suzie Grant, I cuddled up on the couch and read this lovely novel in one sitting on my laptop. Not only did I read it in one sitting but I got so lost in the story that I totally forgot I was reading it off of my computer. What a lovely escape from my afternoon.

Who can resist a romance of the old west? Cowboys and outlaws, saloons and sprawling ranches. Sigh. Each of the characters in this novel is flawed in some way. Each needs to come to terms with their past and the impact past events have had on their lives. But for me the very best part of the entire experience was the heroine of the story: Blaze Marie Austin. I have to admit I am a sucker for a strong female lead. Any woman that can out shoot the men and live her life her way, is a woman I want to know.

Every steamy romance novel I have ever read has the same basic formula. Man and woman meet. Man and woman are attracted to each other but that attraction manifests itself as a war of wills. Man overpowers woman and she gives up everything to be with him. Ms Grant follows the formula to a point. I suggest you read the book and discover for yourself at which point she deviates. For me it was the deviation that made the book.

So if you want an easy, satisfying read to take with you to the beach or curl up with on those cold rainy or snowy days, or if you've never tried an ebook and want the experience, you might want to give 'The Devil's Daughter' a go. It was good for me, let me know if it was good for you too. ;o)

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