19 April 2011

A personal rant regarding terminology

Today I was scouting around our local library and I came across the book 'The Luxe' - you may have heard about it. I have wanted to read it for awhile so I picked it up. It was in the 'teen paperback' section. As I was looking at it, I thought to myself  'I'm going to read it but I may not review it because I really would like to stick to adult books and not delve too deeply into young adult.'

Then I stopped dead. This is when the light went on. What did I just think??? "Young Adult"??? Who started using this ridiculous moniker?? They are teenagers! (OK, I'll give you the word 'youth') 'Young adult', what does that even mean? Why not 'aging children'? Or the ever popular 'big kids'? When did we bump them up to 'young' adult status? And, using high school logic, if teenager (youth) = 'young adult' then adult = 'mature youth' (notice my total avoidance of the 'o' word?) That's right. From now on I am exercising my right to be referred to as a mature youth. If they can do it so can I. Who's with me? We can start a revolution.


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  2. Sweet! I'm totally with you.


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