23 April 2011

Quintspinner: A Pirate's Quest by Dianne Greenlay

When I received "Quintspinner" from the author, Dianne Greenlay, it came well recommended: shortlisted for the 2010 Saskatchewan Book Awards; honorable mention for the Creative Arts Council 2011 Fiction Book Award and recipient of the Reader Views 2011 Reviewers Choice Award. All very well and good but I have had bad luck with highly lauded and award winning books lately so a grain of salt was warranted here. Or not.

It has been said that I devour books and rightly so. I did not devour this novel, however. "Quintspinner" is not a book to be devoured - it is a book to be savoured! Just look at the front cover: warm, inviting, hinting at adventure. It made me happy to look at. And then I opened it and was introduced to an era of hard times and strong people; of superstition, adventure and romance; magic rings, the high seas and pirates that would eat (perhaps literally) Captain Jack Sparrow for lunch and go looking for more. I will say that I was a little lost for the first couple of chapters but stick with it. It all comes together and pretty soon you will be drawn in just as I was. I wasn't even half way through the 324 pages when I started hoping there would be a sequel. I knew I wouldn't be ready to let the characters go at the end of this amazing book.

Appropriate for older teens and adults, this pirate's quest makes a great foil to the overdone vampire and werewolf stories out there. Available at amazon, chapters/indigo, iUniverse and elsewhere. Trust me - keep your eye on this author, she's a keeper!

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