3 May 2011

International Chick Lit Month??

I have been hearing rumours in the book world that May is 'International Chick Lit' month. Now, I'm not sure who is in charge of deciding these things but I figure if enough people jump on board, who's going to argue? At the risk of totally blowing my all-knowing image here, I'm also not sure which books qualify for the moniker. To remedy this, I went to the source of all truth. That's right, I wikkied it. This is what I learned:

Chick Lit is ....
  • fiction that, often humourously, explores issues of modern womanhood (whatever they are)
  • features young adult women who are primarily career driven
  • follows protagonists that are addicted to shopping and how they look
  • may or may not include a romantic plot line
  • written by women for women
  • 'post-feminist' (any ideas on what that might be??)

After that rather futile effort, I still have only an inkling of what may, or may not, be officially tagged chick lit. But I'm in, anyway. This month will be devoted to books that I consider 'chick lit'. If you don't consider the books I read this month to fit into that category, so be it. Just don't give me any sass - as a 'post-feminist' woman (still don't know what it means but it sounds good) I'll do it my way.



  1. K, I won't say a word. I always consider chick lit anything that makes me feel so overly girly I want to go do something incredibly manly just to balance it out. But a lot of books I read are supposedly considered Chick lit and I disagree.

  2. Now - I like that definition!

  3. "post - feminist"??? You mean something BEYOND feminism??? HEll, I like the concept!!!!!!


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