7 May 2011

The Luxe by Anna Godberson

If you love a good romance with a little suspense thrown in but aren't fond of explicit sex scenes then this is so the series for you!! Set at the turn of the century (1800 to 1900 NOT the last one) it follows the fortunes and fates of the up and coming new money, old money trying to hold to traditions, and the lower class trying to change their lives for the better. Sounds like a lot to try and keep up with but it totally works!

Chick lit check list:
  1. fiction that explores the issues of modern womanhood - well, not so much, I guess. It is set in the late 1800's. 
  2. features young adult women who are primarily career driven - almost all of the protagonists in this novel are young adult women, so that is covered. Are they career driven? Tricky question. Considering that a woman's career in the upper class of the day was to marry well, then I'd say yes.
  3. protagonists that are addicted to shopping and how they look - well, that's a resounding yes. Imagine having a servant whose entire job description was 'make me look good'. Corsette's and dressmakers who bring the fabric to you and then make sure you have the perfect dress for any occasion. How come we don't do that anymore?? (well, not the corsette part)
  4. romantic plotline oh, more than one. The book is totally stuffed full of them!
  5. written by a woman for women that's an easy yes.
  6. post-feminist even not really knowing what the heck this means, I think I can confidently say no. Pre-feminist more like.
So I can give this one a 4/6 on the chick lit scale. More chick lit than not. Maybe by  the end of the month I will have found the perfect chick lit book. If I do, I'll have a giveaway and the winner can have her (or his - I don't judge) choice of any book I review this month. If you are interested, you might want to start suggesting books you think will bring in the perfect score!

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