13 May 2011

What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty

The back of the book says "Finally, a smart woman's beach read". I have to take issue with the word 'finally'. I have read a number of smart women's beach reads, but it is true "What Alice Forgot" can be safely numbered among them. After reading the blurb on the back I was afraid I was in for one of those time travelling, body changing, head shaking reruns of the movie '13 going on 30'. Thank goodness Ms Moriarty spared me that!! Instead I was treated to a, sometimes frustrating, but engaging story of reflection where the characters must decide what is really important in a life and in a marriage.

Chick lit check list time (I'm starting to think I'll be glad when May is over)
  • fiction that, often humourously, explores issues of modern womanhood (whatever they are) Marriage, children, death, divorce, infertility, and above all love, laughter and enjoyment of life. Definite yes on this point.
  • features young adult women who are primarily career driven Is almost 40 truly still young? As a 40+ woman myself, I'm going to say yes. While the career in question may be 'stepford mom', the ladies in the novel are definitely driven to succeed at it.
  • follows protagonists that are addicted to shopping and how they look $150 a week for a personal trainer to come to the house, for an hour of one-on-one torture, just to be able to fit into that size small dress - and How Much? for the dress?? A definite yes here as well.
  • may or may not include a romantic plot line Every single plot line in this novel is romantic. Not the down and dirty, steamy explicit sex kind of plot that tries to pass as romantic, but deep down, real life, romantic
  • written by women for women yes ma'am
  • 'post-feminist' (any ideas on what that might be??) OK
Sweet, easy and not too deep, 'What Alice Forgot' is a great lay-out-in-the-sun or curl-up-on-a-rainy-day kind of book.


  1. Nice. I wanted to read something like this..thnks for the review!!!

  2. I'll get the book, and then go in search of a beach. Thanks.

  3. If you a beach, please share! I want to come too.

  4. Good to know, I enjoy a good "beach" book. Now, if I only had the beach.

  5. See above - we can have a beach party!!

  6. I could read it, on one of those rainy days at least :D


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