25 May 2011

Why I Love Wednesdays

Sorry this was a little late being posted today. Busy, busy!

Once again it's time for ... Why I Love Wednesday!! yay!!

Why I Love ... Wednesdays is a meme hosted by Alexis over at reflections of a bookaholic. Each Wednesday is an opportunity to explore a different aspect of literature and why I love it. Today's topic: favorite book.

If you'll recall last Wednesday's topic was favorite author and I complained, publicly, to Alexis that picking a favorite author was almost as hard as picking a favorite book. So ... what does she choose as her next topic??? I think Alexis has it in for me.

The problem here is that I really don't have a favorite book per se. One day, shortly after someone else had asked this question, I was having a book discussion with my kids. As we spoke, I realized that (what I will  call) my very favorite, all time book has almost nothing to do with the book (although it is a cute book), it has to do with the memories that surround the book.

What is this amazing, magical book, you ask? 'The Monster at the end of this Book' by Jon Stone. The Monster at the End of this Book (Sesame Street) (Big Little Golden Book)
That's right. Grover. I remember my Mom reading this to me when I was a little girl. She made it so fun!! I actually felt like I was fighting with Grover to turn the pages. When Grover yelled, my mom yelled, when Grover pleaded, my mom pleaded. I remember giggling and giggling.Then I grew up. And I had children. And I got this book. And I read it like my Mom did. And my kids giggled and giggled.

Believe it or not, the epic book discussion I was having with my, now grown up, kids was about this book. They have similar fun, treasured memories about reading this book and were discussing how they will read it to their kids, when they get around to having them. Isn't that what makes a book great? It can be read and reread by generation after generation and still produce in the reader (or, in this case, listener) feelings of comfort or joy or whatever, that take them back to another time and place. I am pretty sure I can still recite this one from memory.

Do you have a favorite book? Even if it is an adult book. Please share.


  1. You know, it's a shame I forget about great books like this. I loved this one as a kid and it's definitely one I'd love to read to my kids someday. Favorite books...yeah couldn't pick just one but it does have a lot to do with the memories the book invokes.

  2. It's funny how Grover can be a classic. I love that everyone has read it.

  3. U have a nice memory with this book :) Enjoy with kids. Actually, m from India n my mom used to read me books in "HINDI" language. I did get those books in my library, I read n I missed her. But kids are Canadian, so I'm starting all over again in "English" with them ....lol...

  4. I'm sure there are books in Hindi that are a part of your childhood as this one is for me. Wonderful to have those memories of your mom.

  5. Dana, I absolutely love your post and your book. So I have it in for you just a tad. No worries, I am confident you will return the favor :P

    I think that a favorite book has to have that extra. It has to be great plus have an extra memory or association. Otherwise, like you said last week, it would be impossible to choose.

    Great choice, I'm going to buy that book for my future kids as well. I added it to my TBR list :)

  6. You and your future kids will love it!

  7. What a wonderful 'memory' Dana - it takes me back to those great times when you were little.
    Much love, Mom


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