11 June 2011

Know your Blogger

Memes are so fun. If I didn't love reading so much, I'd have a blog just for memes. Here's a new one for Sundays that Book Nerd has started. It allows me to answer questions about me - not that I'm full of myself or anything but I like that idea! Today's question:  Name three things that are worth waiting in long lines for.    

1) A really great sale on something pretty. Could be clothes or household decor or smelly stuff, as long as it's pretty and marked down, I'm there.

2) Opening night of whatever movie I've been waiting to see. I waited in line with my daughter for over an hour to get in to see the last Harry Potter movie. (I'd say that's the longest I've ever waited in line for anything)

3) Food. I really love food and I'll wait in line for a long time for something tasty.


  1. Great answers! I also wait in long lines for movie premiers. New follower. ^_^

    ~Shalena @ Writer Quirk

  2. Ah, waiting in lines. I sometimes think I spend far too much of my life waiting in lines or at red lights. At least you listed things that are good things to wait in line for. Not like the DMV or something just as bad.

  3. I haaaaate lines so in the end nothing is worth it. But I like your answers :D

  4. Most times I hate lines too - that's why I avoid disneyland at all costs!


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