17 June 2011

Words for the Weekend

Tomorrow I will be spending the day at a fundraising run/walk for the heart and stroke association. A great way to spend the day but not conducive to writing blog posts. So, here it is, a few hours early:


a quiet, gentle soul, whose spirit I feel in the forest,
this man, to whom conversation does not easily come ... or
perhaps he chooses simply not to converse, for what is the
point of an idle word? inside his heart, poetry flows
music in his veins, like the symphony of breeze through a
tree ... he follows the call of this restless wind,
a secret desire to write in the shade of an oak,
this passion shared with few ... chosen am I ...
to know this facet of his soul; the man who is
my father, who planted his seed and gave me life,
whose spirit I feel in the forest,
the man who passed to me
his gift of love,
deep and

by June Smith-Jefferies as printed in the book 'Stroll of Poets: the 1997 Anthology'

I love this poem because it reminds me so much of my own quiet, nature loving father.


  1. Hi! Thanks for coming by my blog :D
    I liked your too, and, if I may say, you chose a lovely poem. Dads with a gentle heart are a blessing.



  2. +JMJ+

    It's a beautiful poem! I love that it looks like a tree. How better to drive home the point that one feels one's father's spirit in the forest? =)

  3. Such a lovely prose-poem in the shape of a tree, and the content is quite outside my own experience, so I appreciate living through this poet's vision.
    FYI: Next Sunday I hope you'll join us again to share more fine poems, and that you'll also link back to the "Poem In Your Post" blog hop at What She Read so that your readers can find more poems!

  4. oh, i love this, there is a name for poetry that is done in shapes and now it going to really but me since i cant think of it. come by and read my poem. glad to have you join our poem in post.


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