27 July 2011

I Will Miss You All!

Summer is hurrying past and soon the leaves will begin to drop and winter will be knocking. Before that happens, I need to get in a good two weeks of camping, hiking and reading. So I leave tomorrow - freeing myself of all my technological ties. That's right, no Internet, no cell, just me, a few of my family members, trees and dirt. Oh - and books. I hope to work my way through the entirety of my TBR pile while I'm away. I promise to bring home lots of reviews for your reading pleasure. I will miss you all. Please don't forget me while I'm gone.

Important announcement! The winner of the 'Map of Time' giveaway is Melliane. Congratulations!! And thanks to everyone who entered.


  1. Have fun. You're braver then I am. No Technology for three minutes drives me nuts. Thank goodness for books.

  2. Have fun !!! Will miss u too :)

  3. Just got back too. Hoping you are having fun!

  4. Have fun. New follower. When you come back, come visit me over at Livre De Amour-Books of Love. Fabulous Blog by the way.


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