23 July 2011

Words for the Weekend - Poet Interview

We're going to shake things up a little this weekend. I actually have three poems to share with you. Better than that - the poet, Nunoe Kappa, is here to answer a few questions about herself, her poetry and her book, 'Girl Sinkokaul'. Welcome Nunoe!

Thanks so much for being here. I really like the flow and imagery of your poetry. Can you tell me what the significance is of 'girl sinkokraul'? I see she carries through the title and poems. 

I’ve found this word in a junk e-mail message that I’ve received a couple of years ago. The fact is that almost all the verses you can read in this book came from junk e-mails, that contained a large amount of phrases, without beginning neither end, randomly drawn each other.
No sense, bigger sense, I thought. Add to this that I don’t know well English language, and that I’ve fallen in love with this girl.
Girl Sinkokraul.

You say you don't know English well, what is your first language?

I lived in different countries, and always for few years in each of them, so it's difficult to say. I'd say that Japanese is my first language, because I lived with my father for a long time. After his death (three years ago) I didn't speak Japanese any more. Then Italian, cause I lived in Italy for five years (from 5 to 10) and for two years more, before going to USA. I love this language.

Is this your first English poetry book?

Yes, it's my first English book. I publish short stories in Italian (only on web-zines and with a pen name).

How long have you been writing poetry?

When I was fourteen I went to NY and I lived for six months with an English teacher who introduced me to poetry (reading and writing). Thanks to her I discovered - as I like to say - the power of free words, the words that come from unexpected places, like junk e-mail.

How long did it take you to amass enough poems to fill a book? 

The book has only 15 poems, but it takes one year to write and refine them. I was lucky because I found a great graphic designer and illustrator (Judith Law) that laid out the book.

Poetry can be very personal. Why did you decide to publish yours?

It's difficult to say: poetry must be a language strange to itself (imho) and this goal can be achieved only with a content real and sincere. So, the only way (for me) to move closer to poetry is to talk about something that is "very personal", as you said. But it's only my opinion and, furthermore, always in evolution.

What do you hope readers take away from your poems?

I hope readers can run into some little things about them, but represented in a new way. I try also to create, with illustrations and  the graphic layout, a little world coherent and captivating.

Do you have a website or somewhere that fans can read about what you are up to?

I only have a FB page (www.facebook.com/nune.kei) and a twitter account (@NunoeKei). I'm thinking about a blog.

Great Nunoe, thanks again for being here today. It amazes me that the lines for these poems were gathered in such a fun way. I guess it is true that there is beauty and poetry all around us - all we have to do is look.

Here are three of the poems from Nunoe's book, 'Girl Sinkokaul':
The first use that
I made of my thirst
for liberty was
hard to say
but was
your mouth
girl sinkokraul
pure olive oil
on your meal
flying sheets
over our heads
walking on the moon
with a little scare
of frozen flowers
when I understood
that you please my mind
and give a cheerfulness
to my lips
now I sense your tries
girl sinkokraul
the hardest championship
where I’m only able
to love and laugh
cause nobody but you
has ever heard me laugh.

I’m not praying for my love
I’m fasting for her
a diet is depleting my bones
of essential nutrients
increasing my chances
of developing an identity.

Everybody in the couple
was very confident
and experienced,
and everybody did wrong

come prepared for the weather
girl sinkokraul
according to shaman
ride low to the water
slalom between rocks
and at significant
rapids pull of your life
and scout the route

prevent general
girl sinkokraul
double crossing your fingers
and return your water
to my sand.
 Have a great weekend everybody!!


  1. Ha! I love that she was inspired by junk emails. I'm not much of a poet, no wonder I couldn't find inspiration in junk. ;)

  2. Poems from junkmail, that is just fascinating


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