29 September 2011

Pets and Perks

Everyday small things happen that bring a smile to my face. This morning it was a little girl in the grocery store. She was about two years old and was singing to her mom while Mom was shopping: "I love you, I do; I love you, I do; But don't get essited (excited) I love chocolate milk, too". So sweet. It kind of made my day. And gave me an idea for today's post.

Here are a few of the things that make me happy related to books and blogging:
  1. When I am reading a book and a character in the book refers to another book that I have also read, it makes me feel connected to the character and it makes me happy. A wonderful book for doing that is 'The Weird Sisters' by Eleanor Brown. Great book. I totally recommend it.
  2. When I have reviewed a book and the author takes the time to post a comment on the review. Isn't that a classy thing to do? Even if the review hasn't been 100% positive, occasionally the author will still post a thank you or a nice comment. When that happens, I make a point to read more of that author's work. 
  3. I know I am not alone in feeling that authors are superstars. I have such great respect for someone who is able to put forth the discipline and effort to write a book. And then that author sends this work, that has taken up so much of his/her life for so long, out for strangers to criticize and rip apart - or gush over. Who knows. So when this amazing person actually takes the time to sign the book before sending it to me to review ... well that just makes me so happy!! It doesn't even matter if I like the book or not. Getting a signed book is better than sex!! (well, OK, that may be going a bit far, but you get the idea.)
  4. It is likely a redundancy to point out that I read a lot. But because of that I need bookmarks. Lots of bookmarks. So when I get a book in the mail and it comes with a bookmark, I feel like I have found the prize in the Cracker Jack box. It's a nice thing.
  5. Virtually meeting other book bloggers. There is just an amazing group of men and women out there who are so supportive and fun. It is a little weird maybe, but even though I could pass some of these people in the street and not know who they are, I feel like they are solid friends. Makes me happy.
There are so many more great things about this whole enterprise but I'm thinking that's enough for now. Just writing all this down has made me smile inside and out. Hope you all have a great day!!


  1. That song is adorable. I like all these things too, except book marks. Well, I like them but I always inexplicably lose them, like socks in the washer, it makes me sad, :(

  2. I lose them too, Jenny. That's why it makes me happy when I get more.

  3. I love all those things too :D Authors commenting, yay! Bookmarks, yup, love them and I am sadly very violent with them so I need a lot

  4. I love and lose bookmarks as well. I love it when authors comment on my review as well. I totally agree that authors are superstars. That's why I'm so afraid to contact/talk to them.

  5. It is a good gesture to support writers with our prompt feedback/Review.


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