24 September 2011

Poetry Moment

The most beautiful time of year is upon us. I love the colours of the trees, the crisp air, the apples ripening on the tree in our backyard. Even the sky seems clearer and bluer. So here is your poem for the weekend and a few pics from my recent trip tp the mountains which don't do the season justice but are pretty none the lesss. Have a great weekend!

by: William Butler Yeats (1865-1939)
      UTUMN is over the long leaves that love us,
      And over the mice in the barley sheaves;
      Yellow the leaves of the rowan above us,
      And yellow the wet wild-strawberry leaves.
      The hour of the waning of love has beset us,
      And weary and worn are our sad souls now;
      Let us part, ere the season of passion forget us,
      With a kiss and a tear on thy drooping brow. 


  1. Nice poem about fall. I've been finding so many new poets and interesting poems through this feature.

    Thanks, Dana!


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