26 October 2011

Why I Love ... Wednesday!

Why I Love ... Wednesdays is a meme hosted by Alexis over at reflections of a bookaholic. Each Wednesday is an opportunity to explore a different aspect of literature and why I love it. Today's topic: Favorite Setting.

I am so happy for the topic today! I have just discovered a new favorite in this category. For the first time ever, I recently read a book set in Edmonton, Alberta. I live about 10 minutes from there and spend a lot of time in 'the city'. While I was reading this book , I discovered a couple of things: 1) a new author that I love and will read again! 2) that I love to read books that are set in places that are familiar to me.

Truly, before I had this epiphany, I would have said my favorite settings were places I had never been so that I could vicariously travel to them through the book. And I do like that. It is exciting to discover new places and cultures through reading. BUT it is so comforting to read about places I know well. It makes the action more alive for me when I can picture the places I am reading about.

I remember being quite young and reading 'Who Has Seen the Wind' by W O Mitchell. The story is set in Saskatchewan - where I grew up. It was amazing to me that the author knew the places I knew. When I read a book set in a place I know well (like this one) I feel like I am a part of the story; like I share a secret with the characters and author. I feel connected.

What setting are your favorite? Would you choose to pick up a book based solely on where it was set? Enquiring minds want to know. ;o)


  1. Oh good! Everyone picks made up places but I always love books that take place in London. I've been there twice so there's the reminiscing aspect when I read a book that takes place there, but I'd just love to live there.

  2. Now... that is an interesting twist! As an author I am SO very careful not to write about a real place!

  3. I...well not really. But yes I love a good setting, but it is freaky worlds that draw me in

  4. I love books with familiar settings. That is why I love Jeffrey Eugenides' books, there is always a Michigan connection!

  5. I've read so few books set in places that are familiar to me. I bet it would be extra interesting.


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