29 December 2011

Challenge Time

Well, 2011 is just about over and it's time to evaluate challenges. I must say, I enjoyed the alphabet challenge and managed to get all of the letters! The challenge was to read books which had a main character or supporting character whose name began with each letter of the alphabet. No crossovers! I also feel quite good about my goodreads challenge total which exceeded my prediction. This year I am much more excited about challenges and hope to incorporate a few into my reading schedule:
1) I will definitely be signing up again for the Goodreads challenge as soon as it is posted. This year I will try to challenge myself a bit more. 100 books seems like a reachable but not to easy goal.

2) SarahReadsTooMuch is hosting a classics challenge that I am very excited about. Inspired by FromKafkatoKindergaten I am pledging to read more classics this year and this challenge is just the impetuous I need. So here are the details and my list of chosen books: