21 January 2012

Blog of the Week: Alternate Readality

This is fast becoming my favorite post of the week. There are so many great book blogs out there that the biggest problem I have is deciding which one to spotlight this week. I have decided! Alternate Readality.

Never having actually met Jenny in person, I can say - I love Jenny! She is so bubbly and fun and it comes through in her writing! I especially like checking out her blog during soccer season - lots of lovely eye candy!!

Other things I love about Alternate Readality:
  1. The name. I have a terrible time naming anything and truly admire people who can come up with cute, relevant wordplay.
  2. Her reviews are honest and fun to read.
  3. The discussion posts and occasional personal post that really allow her followers to get to know her better and interact with her on a more personal level.
  4. She comes by my blog often and leaves nice comments.
That's my blog recommendation for this week. Drop by and say hey! I know she'll appreciate it.


  1. Wow, thanks, Dana! I'm honored. I have to be honest about two little things, though. I didn't come up with my blog name, a friend did. Also my family would laugh if they heard you call be bubbly; grouchy sarcastic and morose might fit better in their minds. ;) But the reviews? Those are all me!

  2. Well, you always make me amile and I love the comments you leave. For me that translates to bubbly. Maybe that's your alter-ego.

  3. Yay for Jenny! This makes me happy to see you highlight her. Your reasons are spot on.

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