18 January 2012

The Heart of the City and Other Urban Poems

Usually on Thursdays I share a poem that has some meaning to me. Today I want to talk about a book of poems that has touched me greatly: The Heart of the City and Other Urban Poems by Dina Ripsman Eylon.

This collection of free form poems are varied in topic but each one has a strong, almost ethereal voice. It was a joy to experience them all. Dina Eylon is a poet I will be looking for more from. It was hard to choose just one to share but I finally did. I chose it because I thought it was one that would tickle the fancy of writers and readers alike.


everyone were like Hercule Poirot,
the little Belgian detective,
true to his word
tongue dagger sharp
quick as his witty mind
sensitive to a fault
eyeballing pretty girls
expressing respect
with every gesture.

If only
you could write
like Agatha Christie,
tall lady of mysteries
genius plots
tales of intrigue
genuine to a fault
stories of passion
to which you could
compare no others.

If only
we could all be
stereotypically British
humble predisposition
true to every word
unforgotten favors
giving and receiving
taking this earthly living
as a prelude
to what's coming.

If only.

There are so many more where that one came from. Check out the book.

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  1. Perhaps not my mind of poem, I like the pretty flowery ones


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