10 February 2012

Blog of the Week: All Things Jill-Elizabeth

This week's blog of the week is All Things Jill-Elizabeth. I have been following this blog since I started blogging. I love Jill-Elizabeth. She is creative and funny. There is not one of her posts that has felt like a waste of my time to read.

She reviews books, sometimes rants or raves about a variety of subjects and occasionally favours her readers with bits and pieces (and especially poetry) that she has written herself. There is just a ton of stuff going on on her blog - she has even recently added a droid app!

If you like posts that make you think and smile and feel happy inside, check out All Things Jill-Elizabeth. You won't be disappointed.


  1. I shall hop on over to her blog then and have a look :)

  2. Thank you SO much Dana, what an honor and what wonderful and thoughtful words - thank you, thank you, thank you!! :) Writing is/can be a rather solitary (and isolating) business at times, but support like this reminds me why I do what I do - so thank you again!!

  3. I always appreciate recommendations for good blogs. Thanks, Dana. I'll stop in and say to Jill Elizabeth. What a super name.

  4. I love your blog of the week posts. You introduce me to more fabulous blogs! Thanks so much!


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