17 March 2012

Blog of the Week: Faded Parchment

I discovered a new blog this week and it was love at first sight! The blog is called 'Faded Parchment' and here is the little introductory blurb from the side bar: 
Faded ParchmentWelcome!Journey with me as we discover a world of vintage books, historical fiction and biographies.Celebrate women( factual and fictional) who forged ahead against the odds.
Sounds interesting, doesn't it? You'll love the look as well - very vintage looking. Plus - there is a giveaway happening right now! The giveaway is for Madame Bovary's Daughter. (I shouldn't have told you that. If very few people enter, I have a better chance of winning. Oh well.)

The oldest post I can find on the blog is from February, so it may be a fairly new bookish blog as well. Drop by, say hi and enter the giveaway. And have a great weekend all!!


  1. I love the pic :D Sounds like a cool blog. I will have to go on over

  2. Fun, fun! I need to try discovering new blogs. I guess your highlights might be a good way to do that, huh? ;)

  3. Dana,
    Wow, what a nice surprise to have my blog featured on yours. Thank you for the compliments and feel free to enter the contest:) I started this blog last month and I am just loving the wonderful people I have met and who are so willing to help me.
    Have a great day,

  4. I've never visited this one. I'm on my way :) Thanks for the introduction

  5. Sounds wonderful! I am going to go visit right now.


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