14 May 2012

Isabella: Protector of the last Dragon author interview

From the Back Cover:
Isabella Treehorn, a 12 year old girl of African American, Asian, and Hispanic descent, whose treatment by her friends pushes her into a closer bond with her older brother Kaelyn, and Uncle Titus, becomes the protector of an ancient celestial dragon unearth[ed] in the Himalayan mountains, whose mission is to go back and find its mate.
Along the way, Isabella finds out from the dragon Tianlong that she's the descendant of  a 14th Century Jade princess and that she possesses great powers of Chi that she must utilize to fight the demons called "The Lords of Death" that were summoned centuries ago by the evil Wizard, Jian Chu. Isabella, her family, and Tianlong race against time to find Ling Li, the female dragon before others can get their (sic) first, culminating in an all out adventure and action packed ending.
Mr Phillips has written an adventure book for young readers that is based on a great premise. There are numerous editing errors in the copy I was given for review, which made it difficult for me to get into the story. I believe that, if these errors are addressed, this would make a great novel for girls, especially, from about the age of 9 and older. M. Anthony Phillips, the author, graciously agreed to answer some of my questions so that you can get a better idea of what he, and his book, are all about.
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you like to go?
If I could travel anywhere in the world it would be Japan, before the big earthquake and Tsunami. I love the Japanese rich culture and exotic history, and with my martial arts background, I love the discipline incorporated. 

What superpower would you like to have?
I would love the ability to destroy all guns on the planet. If you'd like to fight someone then settle it in the cage in Mixed Martial Arts. 

In your book, Isabella: Protector of the Last Dragon, Isabella has the powers of telepathy and Chi. Can you tell us what Chi is?
Chi in Chinese culture and martial arts is the lifeforce in our bodies, and is a great energy in the universe. One who has great Chi is powerful in mind and body. There are teachings of Chi Gong Kung Fu that incorporates these principles that allow them to use Chi to gain great power.

 As a man, were there specific difficulties writing a book with a protagonist that is a 12 year old girl? 
 The character is developed after my niece. I've always been able to relate and communicate with kids, so I just put my mind in that of my niece and her older brother the way they feel towards each other.

Why did you choose a female protagonist rather than a male?
I've written screenplays with a female protagonist, so it was an easy transition for me, plus I think a female hero is still relatively fresh. The comic book heroes man, is still dominated my males. Look at the Avengers movie for example, and then you throw in minority choices, you can forget it.

Which scene in the book was your favorite to write?
My favorite scene to write was when Isabella was battling the Mongolian Death Worm after she was blinded. I love action adventure stuff man. She kicks ass and takes no prisoners.

Which scene did you find the most difficult to write?
The most difficult to write was Isabella's transition to a teenager, and her having a crush on an adult. That period had me pacing back and forth so much I probably put permanent crease on my carpet.

Are you working on a new project? Can you tell us about it?
Yes. My new project is a developing series of Private Investigator, books named after my father who was a Private Investigator, called Sam Phillips P.I. The first book is due out later this year, and titled Sam Phillips P.I./The Bushido Way. Sam is paid to protect a Yakuza gang member whose mother worked for Sam's father and who wants to get out of the racket.

Do you have a website or somewhere that readers can connect with you and keep up with your current work?
 MANTHONYPHILLIPS.COM is being built, and I will be issuing a press release to announce it with my next book, so please keep an eye out or two.

About the Author:

M. Anthony Phillips is a native of St. Louis and studied writing and history at Harris Stowe University. M. Anthony is an avid historian and reader of fine literature of fiction and non-fictional books. This is M. Anthony’s third novel with a sequel to follow with hopes of becoming a full time novelist. M. Anthony resides in St. Louis and Los Angeles where he loves acting as a SAG member, practicing martial arts, writing screenplays, and living the life of a modern day renaissance man.

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  1. Um, is that a giant tarantula on the cover? Freaky! Just too freaky! Sounds like a fun little book for young girls, though. As long as the don't have severe arachnophobia.


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