22 May 2012

Written in the Ashes Virtual Tour

From the Back Cover:
5th Century Alexandria, Egypt. Paganism is declared punishab;e by death, and the populace splinters in religeous upheaval. Hannah, a beautiful Jewish shepherd girl kidnapped and sold as a slave, is unknowingly destined to become a popular bard in the Great Library. But when Hannah becomes the bishop's target, she is sequestered across the harbor in the Temple of Isis where an ancient ceremony ignites a forbidden passion.
Now Hannah must undertake a quest to the lost oracles of Delphi and Amun-Ra to find the one thing powerful enough to find them: The Emerald Tablet. The library's headmistress, Hypatia, summons her allies to protect the world's stores of knowledge from the escalating violence. Meanwhile, the Christians siege the city, exile the Jews, and fight the dwindling pagan resistance as the Great Library crumbles.
A Taste from page 133:
Hannah looked around in confusion as everyone stood, but then Gideon grabbed her hand and pulled her up. "Our city's bishop has found yet another occasion to remind us to bow before him," he said sarcastically, and then added, "He also has the Parabolani take notes on any houses who do not stand to honor him so they know who to put on the watch list and pay visits to in the coming week. Thanks to Bishop Cyril, our prisons are full and our library is shrinking." He was clapping as he spoke, his face so full of admiration that in any other century he might have been a great stage actor.
 Fans of historical fiction take note: you are going to want to head to your closest book store, amazon or wherever you get your books and pick this one up! Why, you ask? Here's why:
  1. Set in Alexandria and the story is intricately woven together with the workings of the Great Library of Alexandria.
  2. Strong, beautiful female protagonist.
  3. Quests
  4. Action
  5. Nasty bad guys
  6. Hot male protagonists.
  7. Romance, Love and Passion
  8. The little angel - who was in my heart from the very beginning.
I have only one bad thing to say about K. Hollan Van Zandt's amazing novel - it is the first of a series and I now have to wait for the second instalment!! ARG!! I hope it comes out soon!

Character Development         5
Editing                                    5
Sex                                          2
Violence                                  3
Romance                                 5
Readability/Flow                     5

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  1. It does sound good, but must be sad parts too :(

    1. There are some sad parts but not despirately sad - if you know what I mean.

  2. Thanks so much for taking part in the tour. I am so glad you loved the book as much as I did!


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