Ethics and Explanations

Wow! This blog has totally taken on a life of its own. As I've been perusing other blogs and researching the ins and outs of book blogging, a couple of things have come to light:

1) Where the books come from apparently matters. Who knew? So this a blanket disclaimer - one that 'covers' all the posts and reviews I do (gotta love puns!). I get my books from a number of sources: some from my local library, some I buy, some are sent to me by authors or publishers. No matter where I get the book from, I offer what I believe to be a fair and unbiased review. So getting the book for free does not affect my review. Really. If I believe my review is, or could be, biased, I will let you know in the body of the review. (see, for example, my review of 'Lunenburg Letters' - which I bought, by the way).

2) It is entirely possible to be totally overrun by books sent by authors and publishers. (again) Who knew? So I have a new rule for myself - this is a hobby. I will not let it take over my life. So there may come a time when I have to start turning down requests for reviews. That's just a heads up. I'm not there yet.

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