31 March 2011

A Bit of Book Fun

Have you ever had one of those days? You know the ones ... where you walk through the library or book store from one end to the other and, despite picking up, and checking out book after book after book, you leave empty handed. As one library patron once asked me "How can there be so many books and not one I am interested in reading?" Do not despair! Here are a few fun websites to the rescue:

1) www.gnooks.com : Just come prepared with a list of three authors you enjoy and follow the prompts. Gnooks will give you an author to check out. Don't like that one? Just click the appropriate box for another choice. For fun be sure to click 'map'. Just a wild universe!

2) www.whichbook.net : What kind of book are you looking for? Click on up to four continuum's and position the yellow triangle according to your mood. Voila - up pops a book title just for you.

3) www.flashlightworthybooks.com : 426 lists of recommended books sorted according to genre, award, and whatever else you can think of: from 'americana' and 'awards' to wherever your imagination wants to go.

Do you have a favorite place to find new book ideas? Please share!

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