20 March 2011

The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake by Aimee Bender

Like most of you, I imagine, I have given some thought as to which super power I would like to have. Some days I'd choose invisibility, some days, the ability to fly or hear thoughts but never  would I choose the ability to taste feelings in the food I eat. That's right, Rose can taste the feelings of the cooks in the food they make. What a totally useless talent. Pointless really - and that pretty much sums up how I felt about this book.

I tried to like it - I really did. Remember when we were kids and we read a book for pure enjoyment. We didn't stop to analyse the relationship between Laura and Pa - we just enjoyed the interactions. We didn't spend time trying to figure out why we loved Anne (with an 'e') - it was enough just to know we loved her. So I thought I could try and read 'Lemon Cake' with that attitude and just enjoy the ride. Nope. Somehow it ended up just being a few hours of my  life I will never get back. If you decide to read it anyway and, for some reason, like it, please post and tell me what I missed.

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  1. OK, you had me at Laura and Pa! Glad I found your blog as so many are focused on Horror and pink covers. Nice reviews - direct, honest, to the point. I actually have a novel on line right now as I prep it for publication. www.theheartcode.com is the novel and www.makingbook.wordpress.com is the journal of the journey. Will keep my eye on you. Laura

  2. Hi Laura. Thanks for the comment. I'll definitely be checking out both your novel and the journey.


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