26 March 2011

The Crossing Places by Elly Griffiths

A rare event occurred tonight, I finished a book, by a British author, that I thoroughly enjoyed.  I love a mystery novel that keeps me guessing until the author is ready to start unravelling the plot for me.  This is such a book. The heroine is just a fantastic lady.  Someone that I would like to hang out with.  Ruth Galloway is not that young, overweight and lives on the marsh with her cats.  She is also independent, smart, sensitive, sexy and fun.  As an archaeologist, Ruth is called in when the police find human bones in 'her' marsh.  She determines that the bones are of an Iron Age girl but, still, this discovery draws her into the investigation of two currently missing girls.  The current police investigation weaves in and out of the archaeological investigation of both old and new finds in the area.  It is an interesting, exciting, sometimes heart wrenching, sometimes heart pounding journey of discovery.  If you like a good mystery, pick this one up.

To order this book from amazon, click here: The Crossing Places (Ruth Galloway)

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