11 April 2011

And Tango Makes Three by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell illustrated by Henry Cole

Here I go, totally breaking more rules. When I started this blog I told myself I would stick to adult books and never give ratings (I just think they are too subjective). SO, here is my review of a children's picture book and, for a rating, I give it an infinite number of AHHH's.

When I found out that 'And Tango Makes Three' was number one on the list of America's most frequently challenged books, I knew exactly what I had to do. I ran to the library and checked it out. Then I sat at my kitchen table and read it out loud to my sixteen year old daughter. What an amazing, lovely, sweet, touching, book. And it's a true story.

I think the people who challenge this book - because of "Homosexuality, Religious Viewpoint, Unsuited to Age Group", no less  - must be the same people who object to Bert and Ernie for the same reasons. (and what about all those fornicating party penguins and their un-wed pregnancies? Hmm? What's with that?) They are PENGUINS in a ZOO and this is what HAPPENED! There is no sexual content in this book at all. Just a lovely story about two of God's natural creations and a thoughtful, kind zookeeper. Now I need to click on this amazon link and find a copy to buy so I can read it to my grandkids - if I ever have any.

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