6 April 2011

Christmas Moon by Elizabeth Lane

Do you remember the movie 'Romancing the Stone'? Kathleen Turner was a romance novelist and the movie starts with a sequence of her narrating her latest book? Well, Christmas Moon reminded me of that book. Similes run rampant as do phrases like "The stallion-sized shaft jutting against her rump ..." (pg147)

The story is about a nine-months pregnant Emma Carlyle who crashes her car in a blizzard on Christmas Eve 2010. When she comes to, she makes her way to a nearby cabin and discovers she has arrived on Christmas Eve 1870. The cabin she has found belongs to legendary lawman, J D McNulty. What do you think happens next? You're right!! The story is totally predictable from here on.

BUT ... (yes, capital letters) I found this book so fun to read. There are a ridiculous amount of similes (as I have said) and numerous references to classic literature, and it just works. One of those books that makes you smile when you finish. It is silly and the plot has as many holes as a piece of swiss cheese, but I enjoyed every minute.

In my opinion, a book doesn't need to be Nobel Prize worthy to be a good book. Some books teach, some enlighten, some move us and drive us to make changes in our lives, and some just entertain. Christmas Moon entertained me and that has value.


  1. This sounds fun! You're right, reading should be about enjoyment. And I do remember Romancing the Stone!

    Following after seeing your message on BookBlogs. I have a writing, books and art blog.

  2. The pictures on your blog are astounding, Deborah, I love it!

  3. I agree with you, sometimes nobel prize winners are a little sleepy! LOL

    Great blog, following from Book Blogs.


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