18 May 2011

Why I Love Wednesdays

Why I Love ... Wednesdays is a meme hosted by Alexis over at reflections of a bookaholic. Each Wednesday is an opportunity to explore a different aspect of literature and why I love it. Today's topic: favorite author.

This is a ridiculously difficult topic! What were you thinking, Alexis?? Almost as difficult as choosing a favorite book! OK - I can do this.

I must admit I have a huge tendency to favour authors that I have actually e-mailed with (read: talked to). This, of course includes authors I have done interviews with: HUGE shout out to Terry Tracy and Dianne Greenlay. Besides being authors of two of my favourite books, they are also fun to visit with. I like to think, if we lived closer to each other, we would meet for coffee. Suzie Grant - same thing. Really smart, nice ladies all. And they write a mean story!! Pretty much perfect, I say.

One other author I must mention here: Tamar Myers. About two years ago, I read her novel 'The Witch Doctor's Wife' and it moved me so much I did something I had never done before. I e-mailed her and told her how much I had enjoyed it. It totally blew me away when she e-mailed back. It was my first indication that authors didn't just write books for themselves, they wrote in hopes that readers would enjoy and relate to their books. (if you haven't read it, I highly recommend 'The Witch Doctor's Wife'. It's a change from her regular genre and a great book)

So, there you go. I have chosen. Who is your favorite author? I'd love to hear.


  1. (hanging head in shame) I don't recognize any of these authors. :(

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  3. Oh,Jenny. Tamar Myers has published a number of books. Check your library. The others are new authors but their books are fantastic! I reviewed Quintspinner: A Pirates Quest; A Great Place for a Seizure and The Devil's Daughter. Check them out here if you are interested.

  4. I've never read these authors but you have inspired me to reach out to authors. I've always thought of them in a bubble. The thought of sending them an email really intimidates me. You've given me something to think about. Great post. And thanks for participating :)

  5. It intimidated me too. But she was so sweet and so happy to know I had enjoyed her work.

  6. wow , now this is who I call a true reader , u got an e-mail back from the author ? Nice . Now I must read this, "The witch doctor's wife" , will order right now from my library , online ..tc n thanks for sharing

  7. Let me know if you like it. One of my favorites.

  8. One of my favourite authors is Erica Spindler,
    I really enjoy her mysteries, I have not been
    disappointed with any of her books.
    I also like Dr. Mabrys' books.

  9. OK - you got me. I don't know either of those authors. I will have to check them out.


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