19 May 2011

Wrecker by Summer Wood

Sorry All, but I needed a serious break from chick lit. If I were to use the list, this book would not score on any point. There just comes a time when too much pink is too much pink and you need a little blue. Wrecker is a boy. (hence blue?? Get it??)

'Wrecker' is the kind of book that sticks with you. It has a permanent place in my life experience now. Three women living my perfect life - free and easy on the 'farm'. Totally self sufficient. Then they are confronted with a three year old named Wrecker (for very good reason).

Each of the characters in this book has a story to tell: a story that requires them to heal.  And as Wrecker grows and changes, each of them is forced to become better and stronger than they ever thought they could be. In my mind it is one of those perfect stories. You know the kind. It progresses in the only way it can, given the personalities involved, and is thoroughly satisfying at every turn. I was rather confused by the tree with numbers in it that appeared occasionally through the novel but I got it. And you will to. Just a fun little addition outside of the story.

While there is some sex involved in the book, it is not at all graphic and I think 'Wrecker' would be a great read for anyone 15 years+. Paraphrasing (likely badly) Lewis Carroll - any book worth reading at the age of 15 is even more worth reading at the age of 40 (or more). So if you are between the ages of 15 and forever, give it a shot, I'm betting you won't be disapointed.

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