8 June 2011

Why I Love Wednesdays

Why I Love ... Wednesdays is a meme hosted by Alexis over at reflections of a bookaholic. Each Wednesday is an opportunity to explore a different aspect of literature and why I love it. Today's topic: Favorite book format.

Why do I love paperback novels? Let me count the ways:
  1. They are generally just the right size to pop into my purse so that as I sit and wait in an airport, or doctor's office, or parking lot, or wherever my kids might need a ride home from, I can pull out a book and not be bored. I think I spend about a third of my time waiting for someone somewhere. With a book in my purse - transferred to my hand, I am not just wasting time and I don't care if someone is late. And that reduces tension in me and friction in my family.
  2. They smell good. Especially if they are a little old. I love the smell of books! 
  3. They are bendy. And who doesn't like bendy things?
  4. They are not as heavy as a hardback so I am less likely to drop a paperback in the tub. Can you imagine reading an e-reader in the tub? I'd be electrocuted! They are also not as expensive to replace when I do drop them in the tub - it happens.
  5. When I want a new book, I get to go to one of my two favorite places: the library or the bookstore. OK - you get to do that with hardbacks as well but they are heavier to carry home when you accidentally get three more than you came for. And paperbacks are less expensive than hardbacks.
  6. They feel good. I am a tactile person. I like the feel of the paper in my hand. Yes, I stroke books and I like it. I also have been known to flip the pages on my face and feel the wind and smell the book - please don't avoid me because I am weird!
I could go on but you would get bored and I would reveal too much about myself. Suffice it to say, in my house, e-readers will never replace the paperbacks on the bookshelves. What's your fave?


  1. I love your descriptions! I'm more of a hard back girl myself, but that's only because they are more resilient. I lend my books to my sister a lot and she's so hard on them that the paperbacks come back looking like they survived a war! But I do agree about the smell! Ah! I love the smell!

  2. I agree. Paperbacks are so versatile. They are also my favorite format!

  3. I love ur wednesdays too. But M a bit different in choice of the book. I love Hardcovers more than paperback. Other wise, we both have the same taste.

  4. I like paperback better than hardbacks too. Mostly because I get really annoyed with trying to keep the jackets on the books while I am reading. And, like you said, they are soooo heavy and not conducive to purse carrying.

    Great post! Thanks for participating.

  5. no e-readers for me either. i can see the benefit only for lengthy travels, where packing enough books would impossible. other than that...give me paperbacks! All my favorite books are beaten and battered with dog ears and tear stains. A few of my favorite books have been replaced with book shelve copies but I continue reading the old ratty worn one...sentimental value or at the very least an honest approach to what may be dropped in the bathtub.

  6. Paperbacks all the way! Boo to e-readers! The book I'm reading at the mo is a beautiful object in itself - though pretty hefty for a paperback!

    What a great way to lighten up a Wednesday :)

  7. I like a paperback as well, it is really handy to just drop in your purse.
    You know what they say-Don't leave home without it.
    Is anyone else having trouble signing in under google or just me. This site says "follower" and nothing shows underneath.

    cenya2 at hotmail dot com


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