17 July 2011

Follow My Lead by Kate Noble

Honestly, I rarely read romance novels. They are all so much the same and somehow leave me feeling blah most of the time. (Sorry to all my romance loving friends.) BUT ... one day I was reading a review over at Blodeuedd's blog and she had posted a very positive review of 'Follow My Lead'. So I decided I would give it a shot. Well, I may have to read more romance novels.

The Good: 
  • The chapter subheadings! Many of the novels of my childhood (I may be dating myself here) included chapter subheadings. They are a fun way to foreshadow the action included in the chapter without giving too much away. Some of the subheadings in 'Follow My Lead': Six: Wherein our hero's travels begin or Eleven: wherein our hero takes up fishing as an occupation. 
  • Our hero! As I've said, I don't read a lot of romance, but any romance novels I have read have been told from a female point of view. Kate Noble has taken the road less travelled and tells the story from the point of view of the male protagonist. Great strategy! As a woman reader, I understand how the female protagonist may be feeling in any situation. To let me in on the inner workings of the male protagonist's mind and heart was a breath of fresh air.
  • A strong female lead! Yay!
The Bad:
  • Because our deluded lovers were so slow on the uptake, an innocent was hurt. I don't know if there is a follow up to this book, but if there is, I hope she finds a true love of her own.
  • The handling of the antagonist. I was not convinced of his development as the story progressed.
The Ugly:
  • The cover! The purple is nice and I know the dress from the story but the necklace is wrong as is the hair colour. The cover also has a rather modern feel that just seems wrong for historical fiction
As you can see, the good outweighs the bad and the ugly. Some of the scenes were more graphic than I like but that is sort of the point of a romance novel so I can hardly find fault with that. When I finished the book, I didn't feel blah, I felt smiley instead.


  1. Yay that you liked it :D And yes the subheadings were so cute. I really liked those.

    In the end, such a sweet book and I like sweet

  2. I don't read romance novels much either, but this one sounds charming!

  3. Okay so I'm definitely going to add this one to my list. If you enjoyed it and romance isn't your typical read, then it must be good.

  4. Alexis - I thought it was.

  5. Sounds like a good book for me to check out. I like strong female characters.


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