15 July 2011

Words for the Weekend

One of the best things about posting poetry is getting to read through a bunch of really good poems trying to find just the right one. Today's comes from "Stroll of Poets: the 1998 Anthology".

Lunch Bag
by Gordon McRae

drove over my lunchbag
and I don't know about you
when somebody
drives over my lunchbag
it makes me feel
really blue

The sandwich looks
like a really thin book
with pictures
of pickles and cheese
The apple
is nothing but applesauce
and the banana
like some weird disease

I don't like it
when they
drive over my lunchbag
It makes me feel
really frail
And that's why
I pack in my lunch bag
A bunch of
tire-popping nails

I can totally relate as I have had my 'lunch bag' driven over a time or two and have also learned to pack nails. Have a great weekend!


  1. Ha ha! Now this is my type of poetry. ;)

  2. Can't say it is my type of poetry ;)

  3. Well, can't please all the people all the time.

  4. Oh my, I really love the ending because I'm convinced anyone who steps over a lunch bad is a closet ogre.


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