4 July 2011

Wicked Lies by Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush

Secret pleasure confession: I'm a big Lisa Jackson fan. I didn't realize that 'Wicked Lies' was the second in a series but it totally stands alone. Read the synopsis here.

Being Lisa Jackson, there is a little deception, a little romance, some psychic powers, and a lot of action, filling the pages. I have to admit that I've never read Nancy Bush but the combination of these authors has led to a fast, fun read.

The first thing I loved about this book, and the thing I loved the most, is that these two talented authors named their psychotic maniac 'Justice'. While it's true he was out to execute his own sense of justice on the sssssisssterssss, it would be a justice that normal people would call murder and mayhem. His mind did work in amazing ways, though, genius really. And (here's your forshadowing moment) he's not the only one.

The sisters he is after live an almost cultish life in "the colony". Well, most of them do. Some have managed to move out into the real world and assimilate. Those are the ones Justice goes after first. All of the sisters are interesting characters in their own rights and each has a special 'gift'. Laura's 'gift' is that Justice can talk to her mind. Ya, that would be the 'gift' I would choose if I had a choice. Laura didn't have a choice and she's stuck with this psycho in her brain.

There are at least three mysteries going on at the same time and this is not at all confusing. (seriously) The authors manage to keep it all separate and easy to follow. The only problem I had with the book was the inclusion of the sub-plot involving the teenage brothers. It just seemed contrived to take up space. Luckily their part in the novel is quite small and so it doesn't really detract from the suspense or flow of the story.

The romance is truly romance and doesn't spill over into erotica, which is the way I like my romance. Keep the tension up and leave lots to the imagination. We're talking true love here, not just a case of overbearing lust. Made my heart beat a little faster *sigh*.

A friend of mine told me this the other day: 'Books are like chocolate, sometimes you want to try something new and exotic but other times you just want a (insert favorite chocolate bar here). You want to know exactly what you are getting and enjoy it.' (credit Nikki - thanks my friend!) That's the way I feel as well. It's fun to read all these new authors and find new books but sometimes I crave the known. 'Wicked Lies' filled that craving.


  1. Great review. I'm not sure if I have tried Lisa Jackson before. I'll have to look at some of her titles and see if anything hits me.

    I love the chocolate reference because I think it is so true. Great jobs as always :)

  2. Now this one sounds good! I'll be adding it to my TBR list.

  3. Good review :D And I loved the chocolate metaphor! Lol, I know exactly what you mean

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