11 September 2011


I learned a new word this week, proving we are never too old to learn from picture books. The word is sardoodledom. It's a real word; I looked. And now I know that during my three daughters' teenage years, our house was the living definition of sardoodledom. (Stay tuned for the definition)

Illustrations                             4
Plot                                          3
Fun                                          4
Educational                             5
Age Appropriate                     5

Rarely do I review children's picture books but this title really caught me eye, so I said yes when Krishna asked. Sardoodledom is about a spelling bee and the
creative ways the children use to remember how words are spelled. It will help children (and adults) learn new words; learn about rhyming and about homonyms in a fun way. (my 17 year old is sitting beside me reading the book as we speak and has just said "I feel like I'm learning so much!")

The illustrations are cute but I would have liked to see more colour. The character drawings have very distinct looks which is nice for telling the kids apart and I loved the look on the teacher's face throughout. Just a really cute book that your kids will enjoy. I know I'm happy to have it in my collection to read to my future grandkids.

A Taste:

"Sardoodledom, s-a-r-d-o-o-d-l-e-d-o-m, sardoodledom." Cloe triumphantly spelled her favorite word to herself for the hundredth time. "It means overly dramatic, almost unbelievable," she recalled."


  1. That's a real word!? o_O The things I learn :D

  2. This review is so awesome. I learned a new world! I wonder if I can use it correctly. I'll give it a try. Great refreshing review :)


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