12 September 2011

Music: Healing and Harmony by Sally Fletcher

Non-fiction is not my genre of choice. Music, however is a big part of my life. Growing up my parents turned music on when they got up in the morning and it stayed on until they went to bed. All four of us children had music lessons in a variety of instruments and Christmas Eve would find us jammin' the Christmas carols. Now I enjoy listening to my kids sing and play. Music makes me happy. And now I have a better idea of why.

Sally Fletcher has written an interesting and easily read little book that explains some of the applications, theories and studies that relate to how music can influence our moods, minds and health. The book reads as if the reader were sitting in a room with the author discussing how music might be better utilized in life. Sure we've always known music is fun but did you know that the type of music you listen to can help you learn? heal? relax?

The facts and figures in the book are pulled together with experience and history which keeps the book from reading like a lecture. The author has also broken the subject into thirteen sections and added musical quotes which helps with readability. After reading the book, there were a ton of musical experiments I wanted to try at home. I was motivated and enlightened by the content of Ms Fletcher's book.

If you are not fond of a litany of study results, you might want to skip reading 'Music: Healing and Harmony' (I happen to love study results) But that's about all the negative I can come up with. If this subject interests you at all, you should find this book interesting, readable and short enough to hold your attention.

A Taste:
It isn't unusual for people with amnesia to remember the words and melody to a song when it's played. When the music stops, they will return to their previous state, not remembering their name, the words to a song or even where they are. (pg 60)


  1. Yes not a book for me. But at least I have read a review of it ;)

  2. Interesting. This sounds like its going to be one of those books that makes people think. New follower. . Having a giveaway right now.Register a Domain

  3. I don't mind study results at all. In fact, I find them interesting, well, depending on the book. For the most part, I have to be in the mood for non-fiction but I'll keep this in mind.

    By the way, thanks for spotlighting my blog/button. You are so awesome!


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