13 September 2011

YAY Book Bloggers!!

In case you missed it: this week is book blogger appreciation week. (You can click on the button to the right to go to the site and check out the winners) To celebrate this week at Let's Book It, I have decided to spotlight some of my favorite blogs by posting their buttons on the right. There will be a different one there each day - click on the button if you'd like to make a side trip to the spotlighted blog.

Today I'd like to let you in on a well kept secret: the book blogging community is FANTASTIC!!! In the few months I have been blogging, I have met a virtual community of amazing men and women who share my love of books and reading. We don't always agree on what we like but everyone is so supportive and kind. Many of these great people have blogs that are on my blog roll. Check them out.

Some of you may wonder why book bloggers blog. The answer is, believe it or not, for fun. We love to read and we love the connection reading allows us to have with other readers. If you are not a blogger but love to read and spend time checking out the reviews and events on book blogs, try posting a comment to say 'hi'. You may just make a friend!