9 April 2012

National Library Week - USA

OK - I am a Canadian - and a very happy and proud Canadian at that. So why am I posting about American National Library Week? Because I love libraries! They are my favourite places in the world. I grew up going to the library first with my Mom and then by myself. The first time I took books out for my kids, my oldest child was all of three months old. When I am on vacation, I visit the library of the place I am vacationing. That's right - My name is Dana and I am a library-aholic. Here are a few pics of some pretty cool public libraries. Which one is your favourite? Visit yours today.

                          Kansas City, USA, Public Library

 Toronto, Canada, Reference Library
 Dublin, Ireland, Public Library

                                                      Seattle, USA, Public Library

Stockholm, Sweden, Public Library

Vancouver, Canada, Public Library


  1. Well, it's hard to choose just one but that Kansas City one is so awesome!

  2. I'm so mad that I didn't know it was National Library Week. I would have planned some posts. Weird cause I participated and remembered last year. Maybe it is because I've been so disconnected lately.

  3. Wow, there are some pretty amazing libraries out there. The Kansas City library is pretty ingenious. Love it.

  4. Hoorah! Librariholic you and me both! I ALWAYS visit the local library as a matter of course wherever myself and the bf travel to. The British Library is pretty special, especially the foyer.

  5. Wow, amazing libraries. I'm librariholic too. I have 5-6 local library branches around my house. I go to different locations each day for the change of the enviornment....Thanks 4 sharing :)

  6. Love all the pictures. As you know, I am partial to the Prunksaal in Vienna:)


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