12 April 2012

The Testament of Judith Barton by Wendy Powers and Robin McLeod

From the back cover:
Imagine the cinematic masterpiece Vertigo retold by its tragic heroine ... That character, Judith Barton, may be the most watched and least-understood woman in movie history.
Generations of viewers think Scottie Ferguson tells us all we need to know about Judy when he sputters "You were his girl!" at Vertigo's climax. But what if the woman we've come to sympathize with by the time Ferguson levels his deadly accusation is neither Gavin Elster's mistress, nor a willing accessory to murder?
The Testament of Judith Barton tells Judy's behind-the-scenes side of the story in her own voice, and reveals the secret history of the classic film from this mysterious woman's point of view.

In the tradition of Wicked and other retellings, The Testament of Judith Barton gives the reader a new and interesting perspective of the classic Hitchcock movie "Vertigo". Now, I'm not in any way suggesting that this book hits the same level of greatness as Wicked, but it is a darn good book.

Wendy Powers and Robin McLeod have a writing style that is clear and engaging. It is fun to get to know the character of Judy as a three dimensional woman with a history that predates what we see in the movie and gives new understanding to her motives and the movie plot. I admit to being a die-hard Hitchcock fan, so I may be a little biased, but I think this novel would appeal to the reader on it's own merits.

A taste from page 112 - 113:
We had dinner together that night one last time. A sort of farewell dinner, it started out happy as we splurged on cocktails and steaks, but by the time we checked into two motel rooms at the inn near Ocean Beach, we were tired and talked out. The fog blurred the streets.
The next morning, I watched my sister and andy drive away down the Great Highway, Andy at the wheel and Maggie putting on her best farewell face. She may have looked sad for a moment, waving goodbye, but as she pulled away from me she drew closer to dreams of her own.
San Francisco is what I chose. With no one here to direct me, I could be whoever I wanted. It was time to set about creating a new life for myself.

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  1. He sure was creepy ;) But have I seen vertigo..dunno


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