25 April 2012

High from the earth ...

This past week, April 22 to be exact, was Earth Day. And so in honor of this marvelous planet we live on, I would like to share with you this poem by Emily Dickenson.

High from the earth I heard a bird,


Emily Dickenson 


High from the earth I heard a bird,
He trod upon the trees
As he esteemed them trifles,
And then he spied a breeze,
And situated softly
Upon a pile of wind
Which in a perturbation
Nature had left behind.
A joyous going fellow
I gathered from his talk
Which both of benediction
And badinage partook.
Without apparent burden
I subsequently learned
He was the faithful father
Of a dependent brood.
And this untoward transport
His remedy for care.
A contrast to our respites.
How different we are!


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