6 June 2012

An Impossible Dream Story by J.V. Petretta

 In the forward of An Impossible Dream Story, Mr. Petretta states:
This is An Impossible Dream Story, a work of fiction, songs, and poems inspired by many true events in my life. All portions of this story have been fictionalized, some to enhance understanding, some to lessen my own embarrassment, a few embellished to dramatize situations and a couple came out of thin air.
Be that as it may, this book reads like a memoir. It is a sometimes sad, sometimes funny, sometimes dramatic, sometimes painful, always real journey of self-discovery for Vincent Pirelli. Vinnie is a bike loving boy growing up in a highly dysfunctional family during the turbulent times of the late 50's through the 60's and beyond. All Vinnie wants is his alcoholic Dad's love and approval, a bike and to fill the hole inside of him. The problem is that he will never earn his dad's love and approval, he often can't afford a bike and he doesn't know how to fill the hole. His emotions confuse him - why is he attracted to men? He can't be gay ... or can he?

An Impossible Dream Story is an enlightening portrayal of a young man coming to terms with his sexuality and, by extension, himself, but it is also a book we all can learn from. Each of us must learn to be true to our passions - no matter what they may be and no matter what others believe they should be. It is a call to dream big and follow those dreams. The underlying strength that Vinnie possesses, whether he knows it or not, endeared him to me almost instantly. It was this desire to know that everything worked out for him that pulled me through the occasional slow spot in the narrative.

An Important Note From the Back of the Book:
Author's proceeds from the sale of this book will be divided among selected cycling and LGBT advocate groups, and his own future work in Africa. 
About the Author:
J.V. Petretta is a graduate of U. of Maryland, European division. He is a ten-year U.S. Army Veteran with three overseas tours, including Vietnam. After is honorable discharge, he received a Meritorious Service Medal for distinguished service as a 1st Armored Division's Nuclear Control Chief. In addition to earning numerous business accolades, he organized and conducted a 5,000 mile bicycle tour in 1995, bringing critical awareness and funding for AIDS.

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  1. he sounds truly inspiring Dana aas are most people who rise against unfavourable circumstances dealt to them. i'd love to know what work he does hehe. i hope the book shed some light.


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