10 May 2011

A Great Place for a Seizure by Terry Tracy

This blog post is coming to you from the land of 'totally blown away'!! What an amazing novel. The first thing I loved about it was the table of contents. I don't think I've ever said that about a book before. The chapters are all place names - the library, the coffee shop, the office, etc. These are the answers to the Jeopardy question 'Where is a great place to have a seizure?' Now, I have to admit that sarcasm and irony are without a doubt my favorite forms of humour so this book appealed to me from page one. The reader is slowly pulled into Mischa's life and, before realizing it, has become her friend and confidant. I have said it in previous reviews but it bears repeating - I love strong female leads! Mischa may have epilepsy but epilepsy does not have her. It is a part of her life but doesn't even begin to define her life. And, I promise not to give it away, the ending is totally unexpected, heart wrenching and beautiful. Great job Terry Tracy!! 

Watch for my next post which will be an interview with the author. I'm so excited to see what she has to say!

All right - Chick Lit check list (the term chick lit is actually used in the body of the novel if that counts at all.)

  1. fiction that, often humourously, explores issues of modern womanhood - Despite the rather serious theme of the book, I did laugh out loud more than once. The humour in A Great Place for a Seizure is sometimes dark and always smart. Issues of modern womanhood - do we even want to guess how many modern women are dealing with issues relating to a disease they have no control over? 
  2.  features young adult women who are primarily career driven - We are led through Mischa's life from age 14 to 40ish. I'd say that involves a young adult woman. And her career is one she has to fight for every day.
  3. protagonist is addicted to shopping and how she looks - Actually it is her best friend Sophie who is more worried about how Mischa looks and Mischa's mom who is more addicted to shopping but they are definitely a part of the story.
  4. may or may not have a romantic plot line - There is romance in Mischa's life and her life is the plot line.
  5. written for women by women - Here we fall down a bit. While women will more readily relate to Mischa's story, I can think of a number of men who would benefit greatly from reading 'A Great Place for a Seizure'. That's just my take, though, I think the men would disagree.
  6. post-feminist - I'm going to say yes - no reason
A great place for a seizure fits my definition of chick-lit. It is literature for intelligent, 'post-feminist' women. NOT fluff!! There are a few dry spots full of background and info about the political workings of Washington but wade through it - so worth it!!

I guess this is the one - the novel that makes it so I have to make good on my promise of a giveaway. Keep track. At the end of the month someone will win their choice of one of the novels I review this month. Entry info will be given at the end of the month.

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