7 September 2011

Why I Love ... Wednesday!

Why I Love ... Wednesdays is a meme hosted by Alexis over at reflections of a bookaholic. Each Wednesday is an opportunity to explore a different aspect of literature and why I love it. Today's topic: Book Crush.
There are a lot of hot men in literature, I gotta say. It's rough to pick just one. OK - if I have to I will stick to my first book crush. I must have been about 12 or13 when I fell madly in love with Johnny Cade from 'The Outsiders' by S E Hinton. I'm not talking Ralph Macchio here. He played Johnny in the movie but the movie pales to almost transparent compared to the book.

Let me describe my Johnny to you. He has dark, longish, unruly hair, olive toned skin and his eyes are so dark they seem black. He's a Greaser, of course, so definitely fits the bad boy category but he is shy and sweet and you couldn't ask for a more loyal friend. The only drawback to this hottie is that he smokes - but I'm sure he'd quit for me. And he dies in the book which is a downer for sure. I must have read 'The Outsiders' literally 100 times through my teen years and I cried myself to sleep every time Johnny died. It broke my heart.

Despite Johnny being my first love, I married a blue eyed blonde. Our first baby boy, though, has dark, unruly hair, olive toned skin and eyes so dark they are almost black. Maybe Johnny's ghost was hanging around after all.


  1. LOL! I hope your blonde haired blue eyes husband didn't suspect anything. ;) I still need to get to this book. Somehow I'd never heard of it until I started blogging. Sigh.

  2. Lol. Let's hope Johnny's ghost is NOT hanging around. I enjoyed this book though I didn't think about Johnny much. Bad boys are soo sexy...until it is time to get married. Then they might be a bit frustrating so I'm thinking you chose well.


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